OLJ 03 – Module 1 – Open Leadership

Driving to work along the open highway past fields of summer-yellowed grass still wet with morning mist, I listened to an interview from 2010 with Eric Schwartzman talking to Charlene Li on the topic of selling social media to leaders of organisations.

The main point made by Charlene Li is that leaders need to embrace online social media tools and that they will benefit by doing so, instead of having a closed attitude to discussing the organisation through social media channels. Several examples were given where organisations had handled negative comments; some positively and some negatively; and how this can influence their success or demise.

A comparison was laboured between Facebook and Google. I thought this was a flawed argument since Facebook is a social networking platform and Google is a search engine. It would have made more sense to compare Facebook with Google+, but according to Wikipedia Google+ was launched in mid 2011.

wind_turbines_image_by_susan_bentleyAs I drove along past the wind turbines, listening intently to this podcast, thoughts would arise that I wanted to note for my studies, so I paused the audio, swapped over to the record function on my iPod, then made a voice memo that I would later transcribe. I did this several times with my eyes on the road ever watchful for kangaroos, koalas, and other traffic.

I thought about other resources I have consumed of a similar nature. I regularly listen to two podcasts: This Is Your Life by Michael Hyatt is about “intentional leadership; Circulating Ideas is a library focused podcast by Steve Thomas; Face2Face is a book by David Lee King on social media for libraries; and Leadership for the Disillusioned by Amanda Sinclair is a book about the changing nature of leadership and offers some practical advice for more effective leadership. You can hear what she has to say here.


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